New features in ARTstor

For those of you who are frequent fliers at, you may have noticed a few new features recently. If not, don’t fret: you can read about it here.

One of my personal wishes that has just now come true is the ability to choose the number of results displayed per page. 

This makes browsing the images related to your favorite artist or topic much easier. This feature is available in the center of the beige column on your results page (where you can also narrow your results, sort, and navigate between pages)

Also helping to make browsing and finding images easier is the image preview
feature, where one hover over an image and a slightly larger version of that image will appear. This will help you save time, as it eliminates the need to open the image in the image viewer in order to preview it.

In terms of image organization, users can now create descriptions of image groups, nest folders, and create folders while creating image groups (instructor level users only). The links will take you to ARTstor’s help section, where these features are explained in detail. ARTstor’s help section is a great place to learn about the different tools and features within the database, so feel free to peruse while you’re there!


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