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How many of us still have photos from our first digital cameras? Can you locate the paper you wrote on your desktop computer five years ago? Maybe your migrations between laptops and phones, across platforms and formats have been seamless, but for the rest of us there is some help. The iLibrarian blogger Ellyssa Kroski has been leading workshops

on personal archiving, and has graciously made some of her techniques available online.  Unfortunately, we can’t throw everything in a shoebox and know that it will be there twenty (or even two!) years down the line. Today’s effective personal archiving is not quite as easy as putting everything on an external hard drive either, but the extra effort is worthwhile.

She covers storage, organization and guidelines for thinking about file formats, in addition to a myriad of other concerns. Be a good steward of your own data with the iLibrarian!

Note: If you are on campus and interested in personal archives you may be interested in the Personal Digital Archiving conference on Thursday, April 12. Jeff Ubois, founder and frequent chair of the Personal Digital Archiving conference held at the Internet Archive will begin at 4 pm in Room 126 LIS (501 E. Daniel, Champaign).


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