Your One Stop for Image Quality Assessment

When you upload to Instagram, do you always try to make sure your images are perfect? Is your crowning acheivement when you can prouldy post a photo with #nofilter? Before desparately taking multiple images, seeking out that perfect white balance, try! is a free, professional grade, image quality assessment service. To use, simply register for an account, and begin uploading photos. Upon registering, in your ‘scans’ tab, a sample image is provided that will help you to understand the types of image assessments that runs.

So what does Deltae mean? According to the Wiki, “By definition, Delta-E (ΔE) is the scientific metric that describes the distance between two colors. The capital “E” stands for Empfindung, the German word for sensation. With the Greek character Delta (Δ), the difference is denoted. So a ΔE describes how your senses relate two colors.”

Essentially, compares your digital image to how the subject looks in reality based on the use of test-targets. These image test targets can not only assess image quality, but also determine such factors as lighting uniformity, geometry, resolution, and sharpness.  For a comprehensive list of the targets currently supports, click here.

Two image targets above the scan of a book.

Do note, however, that for to test your image, a target to scan does need to be physically present in the actual image (you can crop it out later). For a list of target specifications, checkout their guidelines on how to use and place targets within images, here.


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